About Middle East Political Elites

The project on Middle East Political Elites (MEPE) covers areas of interest to comparative political analysts from parties, to votes, to seats. MEPE is an interactive database and repository for all things related to political processes of public figures, politicians, parliamentarians, party leaders, and the like. We host political party manifestos, private papers, and memoirs in Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, and Hebrew from political figures in the Arab world, Israel, Iran/Persia and Turkey/Ottoman Empire (1800-present). Our interactive content will allow researchers to visualize, model, and download qualitative and quantitative data on elite political processes across the Middle East—processes which range from party-system and party formation to elections; from elections to parliamentary and cabinet formation; and from seats in the legislature and executive to various political outcomes.


We are building partnerships with archives and libraries across the world to secure additional qualitative and quantitative data, with the aim to eventually offer a combination of paid and unpaid access to information of both historical and contemporary significance for scholars of the Middle East.* While we are currently building the website and its databases and, while this can take time, we hope to have more content on your next visit.

*We wish to provide direct unpaid access to each and every document, but this may prove unrealistic given overhead costs, copyright concerns, and the potential for monetary losses for institutions which typically require researchers to register paid affiliations to gain access to their archives. Where we cannot provide access to certain documents and data, we will do our best to direct researchers to relevant sources in order to locate them on their own.

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