This section will, first, host data from 25+ states (1800-present) on prime-ministerial and presidential cabinet composition, including individual party/ideological breakdown as well as individual-level biographical data like name, age, geographic origins and residence, party ID, within-party ideological orientation, reputation, achievements, and documentation on the availability of members' and parties' manifestos, memoirs, and papers with internal links (when applicable). We will also offer data inclusive to agents acting in monarchical executives, such as members of the royal court or the makhzen for some North African regimes.


Second, as well as descriptive and downloadable, data will be visual and interactive. Users, for instance, will be able to locate their desired "country" on a map, identify the "year" of interest, and then quickly observe which party dominated the cabinet (n/a if no cabinet). They would then be able to zoom in further by clicking on the names of each cabinet member for bios & links.

Cabinet data

  • Dataset 1.

  • Dataset 2.

To cite data hosted on our "cabinet data" page, please use the following rough guidelines, which can be adapted to different citation rules (e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA):


  • Include author's first and last name.

  • Include the title of the dataset.

  • Use Middle East Political Elites: Cabinets. 

  • Include the date on which the data was posted as well as the date of first access.

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If you wish to submit data to our website, please use the form below. All submissions will be reviewed thoroughly before being posted, and authors will be notified before data is posted. 


Cabinet data should be submitted in Excel (.xcl) form. Once submitted, we will contact the author to notify them of receipt of the data and to discuss the next step. 

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