Parliaments of the Middle East

This section will, first, host parliamentary-level data (1800-present), including the composition of the legislature by party ID, ideological orientation, and policy orientation. Second, it will allow researchers to further zoom in & obtain information on each parliament's individual members and parties. And third, it will include records on parliamentary voting, agenda, procedure, and debate/minutes (when available). Where applicable, MEPE will offer links to individual members' and parties' manifestos, memoirs, & private papers.

Parliamentary data

  • Dataset 1.

  • Dataset 2.

To cite data hosted on our "parliaments" page, please use the following rough guidelines, which can be adapted to different citation rules (e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA):


  • Include author's first and last name.

  • Include the title of the dataset.

  • Use Middle East Political Elites: Parliaments. 

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