Manifestos & Memoirs

Updated: May 25, 2019

MEPE's "Memoirs & Private Papers" section will host party manifestos, memoirs, and private papers of political figures and their parties in the Middle East, by country and date. Our interactive content for manifestos will include: party polarization, party-system factionalism, cabinet composition (by party), party platform analyses, and foreign policy alignment (by party). Our interactive content for memoirs & private papers will include: elite polarization, cabinet composition (by individual), and foreign policy alignment (by individual).

The interactive feature of this page will include a breakdown of party membership, reach, strength, institutionalization, offices, volunteers, and the like. Users will be able to click "Syria" on a map, locate their "party" of interest, set a timeframe, and then view the extent to which that party operated, shrunk, & expanded to and from Damascus, Raqqa, Daraa, and either in the 1940s or the 1990s. Despite significant overlap, this data would provide more individual and party data on leaders, apparatchiks, & rank-and-file members than the pages on cabinets (incl. only figures in the cabinet) and parliaments (incl. only elected representatives). One would find here, for instance, information about politicians who ran for election but failed to win a seat.

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